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Summary: Retrovirus Research Using The Rife/Bare Device
Prepared from research done by Breighton & Kathleen Dawe
June-Oct. 1998

Patient history:

Patient KD:

Patient DE:

Research results: Retrovirus variants form from a common root:

Research results: This Retrovirus Has a Will to Live

"I can't do this anymore!"
Death and dying dreams common
Paranoid delusions (everybody is attacking me)
Hopelessness and despair

Rife Bare Device Techniques to Fight the Retrovirus

1. From within outward
2. From above downward
3. In reverse order of appearance

While this is making reference to finding a similimum, We find a striking similarity between this statement and the mutation track the virus seems to be following. On first glance, it appears that the virus does indeed follow these directions. More detailed study is needed to confirm, however.

Retrovirus Frequency List Used for Treatment

                    Hz         Duration    Source
Session I

9000     3min         Fibro
3343     3min         cpox
2145     3min         CMV
2062     3min         H-s
2045     3min         CMV
1920     3min         EBV
1900     3min         H-z,H-sII
1865     3min         H-z,men
1800     3min         H-z,H-sore,cp2
1577     3min         H-s
1550     3min         H-s,H-z,H-sore,men,cpox
1484     3min         H-s
1422     3min         men
1044     3min         men
1032     3min         EBV
942       3min         lupus
843       3min         H-s
825       3min         EBV
800       3min         lupus
744       3min         EBV
733       3min         men
728       3min         Fibro
701       3min         H-c
669       3min         EBV,var
660       3min         EBV,men
625       3min         men
574       3min         H-z
554       3min         H-c
532       3min         H-2A
460       3min         H-c
428       3min         EBV,H-sore
395       3min         H-c
352       3min         lupus
343       3min         H-s
253       3min         EBV
243       3min         lupus
140       3min         Fibro
120       3min         Fibro

Session II

6000     3min         Fibro
2450     3min         H-c
1850     3min         lupus
1614     3min         H-s
1600     3min         cpox2
1500     3min         H-z,cpox2,H-sore
1475     3min         H-s
1464     3min         lupus
1333     3min         lupus
1045     3min         CMV
1043     3min         H-s
993       3min         lupus
921       3min         lupus
832       3min         H-sII,men
822       3min         H-s,men
808       3min         H-sIU-2
745       3min         H-c
738       3min         var
716       3min         var
666       3min         EBV
650       3min         men
633       3min         lupus
597       3min         CMV
562       3min         H-sII
533       3min         H-c
476       3min         H-s
424       3min         H-c
386       3min         lupus
345       3min         var
322       3min         H-s,men
244       3min         lupus
205       3min         lupus
172       3min         EBV
126       3min         CMV
105       3min         EBV

End each session with standard program (to insure that no secondary infections occur, and to boost immune and adrenals):

727       3min
10000   3min
5000     3min         men,cpox -- Note: only run this freq. every other session to avoid overuse and fatigue
3176     3min
2489     3min         H-sore, adrenal stim.
880       3min
787       3min
465       3min         adrenal stim.
20         3min

Additional research on Retrovirus treatment is ongoing and we anticipate another
update to this page in the first quarter of 2002.

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