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Rife Research

The Technology:

Rife technology uses certain audio frequencies radiated through an argon tube to oscillate bacteria, viruses, or parasites.  By selecting exactly the right resonant frequency, the particular target organism can literally be vibrated to death.  There are many web sites devoted to this technology that give a description much more in depth than that presented here.  Some of them are listed below...

James Bare's Site

This is the "Rife Technologies Homepage" and has some wonderful information, links to other rife sites, frequency updates, etc.


Don Tunney's Site (

These folks make a set of great high-quality devices (in fact, this is where we bought ours).  They have a great links page and are a good source to answer technical questions about their devices.  Don and his staff have been pioneering the research of resonant light emissions and supporting the Rife community since its resurgence in the early ‘90s.  We heartily support their efforts and products.

Frequency lists:

There are many sites that contain lists of frequencies for use with the Rife technology devices.  The following site is one of the better ones I've found and contains one of the more frequently updated lists.  Enter the site and click on the CAFL link (Consolidated Annotated Frequency List) for the frequency table.  There are many other bits of info on this site that we have found valuable as well.

We have also put together a "collected list" of most-used frequencies from various sources.  Creating this collected list then allowed us to create a cross-reference reverse frequency list.  I.e. a list that is indexed by frequency instead of ailment.  These lists are zip files of MS Word docs.  They are NOT plain text files and you will need a copy of winzip or pkunzip to extract them!  These lists were created in the fall of 2001.

Collected frequency list (index by ailment)
Note that this list only gives the frequencies, and NOT the treatment protocol or the order in which the frequencies should be used.  Typically, running the frequencies in reverse order (i.e. higher frequencies to lower frequencies) applies most of the time.  When in doubt, consult the original lists.  We have found that those frequencies listed under the "Garvey" column give some of the very best results we have obtained with the device, especially for viral conditions.

Reverse list (index by frequency)
This is a really useful list that allows you to look up a frequency and see all the associated ailments that reference it.

Research Results (retro-virus):

This is a summary of the research we have been doing here at Stone Circle using the Rife technology for dealing with the herpes/shingles/chicken pox retrovirus (plus its other mutation forms).  The results include an aggressive retro-virus protocol for dealing with this retro-virus and its relatives.

Research Results (Cyclospora):

This is a summary of the research we have been using the Rife/Bare device for the treatment of the Cyclospora pathogen.  The results include a successful protocol for use with Cyclospora.

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